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Anguine soup a lot of people are in this kind of thing to have at ordinary times had eaten, because anguine soup is a kind of food that fills quite, and flavour is more delicious, this also is the reason that a lot of people like to eat anguine flesh a thick soup, so we can learn the way of anguine flesh. We are in the life Bao snake soup when should want to join red jujube. Medlar and liquor, this is the practice of soup of snake of boiled in clear soup, and the content that the practice of other anguine soup can learn an implied meaning.

 It Bao snake soup puts what stuff is good that Bao snake soup puts what stuff

What does the snake stew delicious: Soup of snake of boiled in clear soup

Material: SnakeFall in love with the sea

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, jiang Liu piece, big jujube 3, medlar a handful, liquor 10ml, salt is right amount.


1, the snake is abluent, cut paragraphs small (snakeskin is OK the cold and dressed with sause after scald water, more delicate) .

2, put anguine meat arenaceous bowl in, add water, after be being burned, cast aside go float foam, add ginger next, liquor, slow fire is stewed slow.

3, stew two half hours or so, increase a jujube, medlar, salt, continue to stew a few minutes can.

 It Bao snake soup puts what stuff is good that Bao snake soup puts what stuff

What does the snake stew delicious: Medlar is pepperyForum of Shanghai night net

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Anguine soup

Material: Anguine flesh 1000 grams, salt 2 spoon, ginger 5 grams, chopped green onion 2 grams, medlar 5 grams, the snake is oily 2 spoon, pepper 1 spoon.


1, use the snake clear water abluent, two tactics a little the depart that emphatic drag snakeskin and anguine flesh make. Take out anguine courage, notice anguine bravery does not want break.

2, the anguine meat with abluent good processing is put into clean dish to reserve. Snakeskin is put make food of cold and dressed with sause additionally aside. Will abluent snake flesh is cut with scissors 5 grow to 6 centimeter.

3, in putting anguine meat hot water, boil leave to water, fall to boil the bubble that go out and water, abluent snake paragraph reserve.

4, in putting anguine oil dry bowl, small fire boils oil to pour oil residue, ginger explodes with anguine oil sweet.

5, after the water that adds share of a few people, put anguine meat respectively, the snake is splanchnic, black agaric, enter cooking wine, press again the key of old fire boiling water, hour of Bao Shang San.

6, after soup Bao is good, put right amount salt, pepper, in filling soup bowl, scatter again on medlar, chopped green onion can.

 It Bao snake soup puts what stuff is good that Bao snake soup puts what stuff

What does the snake stew delicious: Soup of angelica dangshen snakeskin

Material: Snakeskin 400 grams, angelica 6, dangshen 2, yuan the flesh is right amount, leek is right amount, acerbity turnip bead is right amount, salt is right amount, gallinaceous pink is right amount, hempShanghai Long Feng forum

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Oil is right amount.


1, snakeskin is cleaned clean after redemptive home, after unlocking water float, scoop, scrape scale.

2, angelica, dangshen, yuan the flesh immerses with water, leek of; of dirty content of take out appearance is mincing, vinegar bloats turnip bead reserves.

3, put the stuff of the 2nd pace boil in boiler, quantity of the water in boiler presses actual number increase and decrease. Boil half hours or so, to materialForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Material is basic give taste.

4, put a snakeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The skin is boiled 10 to 15 minutes, play salt, gallinaceous pink, sesame oil flavors.

5, bowl bottom puts right amount leek, snakeskin soup takes the advantage of heat to pour a bowl in, put finally1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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A few acerbity turnips can.

What does the snake stew delicious: Stone chelonian warms anguine boiling water

Material: Stone chelonian 500 grams, anguine flesh 800 grams, salt 15 grams, pepper 6 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, cooking wine 5 grams, green Chinese onion 20 grams, ginger 10 grams.


1, go to stone chelonian conch, splanchnic, eliminate is blood-red, abluent.

2.Anguine flesh flay, abluent, cut anguine flesh again inch paragraph, scald bath is clean.

3.Take stewpan, put stone chelonian flesh, snake paragraph, snakeskin, add ginger of cooking wine, green, peppery bead, soup-stock, slow fire stews 1.5 hours, add refined salt, gourmet powder to flavor to be become namely.

What does the snake stew delicious: Longfeng shows auspicious snake chicken broth

Material: Snake, chicken, jiang Pian is right amount, shallot is right amount, medlar is right amount, xianggu mushroom is right amount.


1, slaughter the snake that washs clean (choose according to individual be fond of whether flay, the proposal withholds) , paragraphs what behead grows into about 6 centimeters is small, arenaceous bowl is put after scald water.

2, slaughter the hen that washs clean, stripping and slicing, in arenaceous bowl is being put after scald water.

3, add the spice such as water, right amount ginger, salt, put arenaceous bowl to the Bao on fire to come ripe, if use high-pressured boiler, need 15 minutes only.

4, add essence of life of medlar, chicken finally, a bit stew gives boiler, scatter on chopped green onion can.