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Article introduction

Birthday department is the food of Japan of a kind of traceable, also be a kind of more delicate food. When the birthday that make manages, need to use the laver that bake commonly. Of course, although the laver that bake is in mouthfeel is to have quite tenacity and chew interest, but before was not being handled, the laver that bake also is more fragile. So, how does hold a birthday party manage the used laver that bake should be handled? Relevant introducing will undertake for everybody below.

How is the laver that birthday manages handled

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One, how is birthday department laver handled

Commonly special birthday department uses laver, have in big supermarket sell, 15 yuan or so, still deserve to send the birthday that make the tool of department. If you want to use other, can consider to bake laver, the supermarket also has those who sell, it is the sort of suppress became good, but a few water is used when making, and rupture easily also afterwards, still had better sell appropriative so, make because of what birthday manages besides gimmick, material is very crucial.

How is the laver that birthday manages handled

2, laver birthday department makes a method

Be needed to feed capable person: Hai Tai 2 pieces, birthday department meal 2 bowl, dried meat floss egg of department of 20 fair grams, birthday 2 want, dry melon is 6 fair grams, small cucumber 1. Bamboo shade 1 piece. Soup-stock of fish of saline a few, bavin 1 bowl, soy is 2 big spoon, saccharic 3 big spoon.

The method that make:

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1, do melon bubble water 10 minutes, take out the rub that use salt to wash, the sauce that uses the rest is boiled close to Shang Shui dry, scoop wait for cool; small cucumber to be cut 4Shanghai Long Feng forum

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2, on shade of bamboo of park of sea liver mosses, next meal of department of the birthday on the shop and will square, the space of brim obligate 1/5, grind trifling meal bead smooth, sticky go up in Hai Tai.

3, put dried meat floss first at course of action 2 on, add puts birthday department egg, dry melon, small cucumber, when be being put, of both hands hind 3 point to press on stuffing makings, pull the shade upgrade of lower part to the 1/5 place of obligate then, again the roll into on face cylindrical or all directions form but, last section can.

3, upright brim takes trifling space on Hai Tai, grind smooth meal bead sticky go up in its, help birthday department won’t be inattentive.

How is the laver that birthday manages handled

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3, edible beardKnow

Laver sex is cold, reason at ordinary times taste empty is cold, bellyackeShanghai noble baby communicates an area1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The weakling of body of person diet; of jalf congealed, some of meat had better be added when edible kind come bring down cold sex. Every time cannot edible is too much, lest cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain.

If laver shows blue purple after cold water immerses, the specification is in dry, before packing, already was pledged pollute by toxicant, this kind of laver is harmful to human body, cannot edible.