Doubtful point of big fight of 2016 go man-machine: Li Shishi why the moment of truth not ” loot “

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian doubtful point of big fight of 2016 go man-machine: Li Shishi why the moment of truth not ” loot ” origin: ? ?2016-03-11 10:0 of what avoid paralysisEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel [summary] after the match ends, 9 paragraphs of evaluations say Chang He of Liu of Korea chess player: “Li Shishi seems to be in mentally somewhat craven. “Li Shishi seems to be in mentally somewhat craven..

Interview before contest

Besides with 5 than 0 conquer outside it, other no point

Contest before today

With 5 than 0 conquer it is a little terrible

The first bureau

I think the play a game of chess from the back still is 55

The 2nd bureau

My idea is changed somewhat today, I am over be defeated

Li Shishi

On March 10, li Shishi of Korea chess player attends a press conference after 9 paragraphs of contest. That day, li Shishi of Korea chess player is in 9 paragraphs with the play chess of the 2nd wheel pair between alpha go Korea head Er is held, alpha go again Li Shishi of conquer Korea chess player 9 paragraphs, li Shishi encounters two be defeated repeatedly. Beautiful jade of Yao Qi of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Match result is opposite undoubtedly whole go bound even everybody’s shock is tremendous. Nevertheless, the victory or defeat of this man-machine big fight has nothing to do actually dignity, let a person experience the development rate of at a tremendous pace of current science and technology more intuitionisticly however. AlphaGo is human research and development, say from this, its victory is human victory likewise. According to Xinhua News Agency

The hand trembled

10 days are in hotel of the four seasons of Korea head Er held alpha go (AlphaGo, call A the dog again) with Li Shishi 5 chesses are opposite definitely medium the 2nd bureau, artificial intelligence AlphaGo with 211 hands, hold black in Pan Sheng, again knockdown Li Shishi. The match has the rate that turn white-hot, li Shishi falls repeatedly child the hand begins to appear slightly asp [complete edition video is watched] .

After the match ends, 9 paragraphs of evaluations say Chang He of Liu of Korea chess player: Li Shishi seems to be in mentally somewhat craven.

When the reporter interviewing after Li Shishi surpasses, say: Of shock letting a person yesterday already ask advice. Today from foreword dish begin, I had not preceded all the time, alphaGo has not been discovered to have special weak point. Yesterday after play a game of chess, I still think AlphaGo also is put in the weakness, but my idea is changed somewhat today, I am over be defeated and AlphaGo is over get the better of, it falls faultlessly.

Nie Weiping

Chess emperor

Went out to invite my medium to his uncover below the computer, I special to computer look at with new eyes.

Gu Li

Profession champion of go of 9 paragraphs of worlds

Of AlphaGo play chess walked along a law to had overturned the thinking of professional chess player, see it now play chess is very nervous.

Gu Ge

The hope finds the weak point of AlphaGo

AlphaGo is not to only Li Shishi looks not clear, presiding apparitor breaths out DeepMind of company of Gu Ge artificial intelligence Sabisi also expresses: We can be done every time a few evaluate, the hope finds the defect of AlphaGo, so we need to resemble Li Shishi very much such fine athlete match.

Lin Huimin of director of key laboratory of computer science state accepts Chengdu business to sign up for reporter special interview:上海贵族宝贝交流区


It is the argue of person and person substantially

Yesterday, when Lin Huimin of director of key laboratory of state of science of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, computer is accepting Chengdu business to sign up for reporter special interview, say, of AlphaGo and stone of world of chess player plum right definitely, it is the argue of person and person substantially.

Do not misunderstand the computer to beat the mankind

Lin Huimin tells Chengdu business signs up for a reporter yesterday, in computer domain every phase has the thing of mark sex, chess player of Al上海千花网交友

phaGo conquer go is only among them one of.

This is meddlesome, explain artificial intelligence considers to have a lot of progress a few years this, the capacity that uses the computer is in person benefit to promote ceaselessly; But do not misunderstand it into, the computer is cleverer than the person or the computer beat the mankind. This is two different matters. Lin Huimin emphasizes particularly, alphaGo is program of a computer only, what it carries out is the person’s instruction, its study in executive process and accumulating had been arranged, so substantially the machine that it is the mankind, tool; So AlphaGo is mixed of go chess player right definitely, it is the argue of person and person substantially.

Lin Huimin says, the computer is the tool that person creation comes out, it is a kind of machine substantially, the end that its are created is to let life live weller; The person uses a tool to be done weller than doing not have a tool, this is a very natural business; AlphaGo conquer Li Shishi, can bright mankind can use the computer to do more thing, the thing that before there still is more in the future, realizes hard is able to come true.

China most the innovation that is short of curiosity drive

This and computer wisdom are two different matters. Lin Huimin laughs, I feel afraid to the person can be replaced by the computer is dilettante hype, our job wife never looks so, it is an incredible story completely.

Lin Huimin explains, the person has the intelligent activity with two kinds of different property, activity of a kind of intelligence is OK and mechanical carry out, calculating what function does is this kind; Of mechanization of dispute of activity of the 2nd kind of intelligence, be like from do not have some Newton the scientific concept such as the theory of relativity of mechanical, Einstein, must have a corresponding social process.

The Chinese research in computer respect, very regretful, do not have too much the thing that starts formerly, also lag behind quite than the developed country up to now. Lin Huimin says, even home is current the fundamental on computer text book, algorithmic, agreement still is the century on abroad the content of 80 time.

Lin Huimin thinks, china is in computer domain most be short of, it is the innovation research with individual curiosity drive, especially the innovation on idea, concept, principle and breakthrough. Hope country can consider to go up to be thrown more in the technology, support such person more. Hope 30 years, after 50 years, our offspring is achieved formerly in what ourselves can see when reading text book.

Chengdu business signs up for chief correspondent Niu Yahao

Minister of ministry of science and technology 10 thousand steel:

I still like and person play chess

10 days, minister of ministry of science and technology 10 thousand steel are asked about by the reporter the problem of man-machine big fight. 10 thousand steel express, gu Ge’s AlphaGo and Li Shishi are opposite 9 paragraphs play chess, won first victory, altogether should hit 5, to the circumstance from the back we also pay close attention to very much. The country also obtained very good development in super computer and artificial intelligence respect.

From the angle of play chess I still like everybody to play chess, because of here face besides back chess manual, still have a lot of random sexes and sealed sex, the stand or fall of the mood is waited a moment, such likelihoods more press close to our life. 10 thousand steel say.

Gu Binglin of Tsinghua university former president:

We still are being chased

Everybody should have patience

The development level of whole science and technology of this and China is concerned, we still are in pursuant phase now, everybody should have patience. Resemble mountaineering, you must climb slope ability to arrive on the summit, do not get urgently. University of former president of university of academician of members of standing committee of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua, Tsinghua is advanced academy dean Gu Binglin.

Doubtful point

Li Shishi the moment of truth not loot [loot is what meaning]

Signed confidential agreement with Gu Ge?

From what at present Gu Ge makes public AlphaGo a few dishes of chesses discover, without the circumstance of occurrence loot of a dish of chess, ace of professional go bound is mixed in misgive Gu Ge signed confidential agreement, having content among them is to forbid loot.

If cannot loot is not go. Chang Hao of well-known chess player says 9 paragraphs: These two dishes of chesses do not have Li Shishi and AlphaGo occurrence loot is a bit strange, especially today this dish of chess, li Shishi falls in his apparently adverse circumstance or choose not loot, this makes me a bit interrogative. With Li Shishi such level, if do not go going all out,should knowing this moment is insufficient, but Li Shishi still did not choose loot.

Casting of river of well-known chess player is long 9 paragraphs think, not the chess difference of loot is too big. He says: I feel these two dishes of chesses do not have occurrence loot is a very doubtful issue, because loot is likely a few more complex to computer, I also want to see how computer answers the situation of loot very much.

In fact, there is a hearsay to because AlphaGo is not good at,say before contest loot, cereal song company forbids loot in the set in confidential agreement.

Wei Ping of chess emperor Nie expresses helplessly also: Likelihood of the computer when loot it is not quite good to answer, these two dishes of chesses do not have the situation of occurrence loot really, what appearance is when computer of a few dishes of chesses after looking answers loot.

Chen Ying of belle chess player thinks, doing not have the circumstance of loot to happen is very abnormal: Ke Jie in explain also respecting, each dishes of his chess wants to be contended for through disaster, some moment pass several place disaster to contend for even, 7 dishes of chesses that Gu Ge makes public AlphaGo are very abnormal without loot, or else of 3 Pan Qiru fruit appear from the back the word of loot, I suspect what the agreement signed a bit, because go play a game of chess上海龙凤论坛sh1f

is medium, avoiding occurrence loot is impossible.

Substantival explanation


Show black and white both sides surrounds the castle of the other side, below this kind of situation, if annulus fall in vain, can eat off a black mole; If annulus black below, can eat off a Bai Zi likewise. Because such move back and forth forms a loop not to have solution, so go prohibits isomorphic repeat. Carry according to regular regulation one child hind, the other side is in can answer cannot answer immediately below the condition that carry carry, want preexistence to issue somewhere else, wait for the other side to answer farewell is carried after skill.

Clean of go world champion stalking or branch:

Disgusting, acedia

In be summed up after contest, clean of chess player of the first person, China stalking or branch expresses the world go nowadays 9 paragraphs: Extremely disgusting, if fishbone,make me gutty the feeling in larynx, I am already acedia, this is complete be over be defeated. With first days dash along to be compared, when accepting Chengdu business to sign up for a reporter to interview yesterday, ke Jie’s sentiment is not very good, potential to this perhaps robot rival, he also begins faint and anxious. Look in him, alphaGo really too comprehensive, li Shishi already unable to save a deperate situation.

In comment on yesterday when the match, ke Jie expresses: A lot of chesses below AlphaGo are not the chess below constant manage, what Li Shishi also falls is not constant manage, a lot of I look not to understand. Nevertheless AlphaGo has his individual thing, not be onefold imitate the mankind, this is its terrible place. Look in Ke Jie, before AlphaGo half dishes of actual strength is general, its terrible place depends on second half dish ability. In second half dish in, the computer exceeds strong computational ability put oneself in another’s position to reveal an advantage, and human player however hard to avoid can appear error, so if before half dishes cannot establishment dominant position, alphaGo is very difficult conquer.

Be in this with Li Shishi right before beginning definitely, the outside falls down at the same time almost value Li Shishi. On the press conference that surpasses in southwest chess king, although AlphaGo will be stronger and stronger,Ke Jie also expresses, but still value Li Shishi get victory. But when do not lie between a week, his view is already very different nowadays. After watching two games, ke Jie states Li Shishi has done not have victorious opportunity, winning below one bureau nevertheless still is very possible.

The face is gotten the better of if I will challenge AlphaGo very big, but won’t be to win firmly. Look in Ke Jie, before half dishes his should compare Li Shishi a lot of stronger, this also is the reason that he has self-confident conquer AlphaGo, nevertheless he expresses at the same time, capability of computation of computer later period is too strong, and he can appear however a few careless mistake, may be captured by the computer. The computational amount of go is too large, alleged wrong plateful all is defeated below one action chess, with computational ability exceeds strong the machine argue that won’t err again, the mankind has opportunity score a success far from possibly, to this view, all along proud Ke Jie also calm bear, can have so a day.

Chengdu business signs up for reporter Li Bo

Target of robot of answering question of research and development of new challenge China lets it take an examination of on one

Chinese researcher also is in be dedicated to making more complex artificial intelligence, type of check proved recipe provides Chinese characteristic the university entrance exam quite. Liu Qingfeng discloses president of flying company of division big question, they are grinding send robot of kind of person answering question, the target is to be in 3 to 5 years in let a machine attend the university entrance exam to be able to take an examination of on one. The university entrance exam involves subject much, still have many subjective problem besides objective problem, if can reach this goal really, it is artificial intelligence a milepost.

Answer dish

Black 13, 15 hands,

The mankind understands hard

Website of g上海千花网论坛

overnment of Korea chess courtyard judges exposition and argumentation, foreword dish black 13, 15 hands, the likelihood also has AlphaGo to go only, the mankind understands hard. In addition, more those who make a person incomprehensible is black 37 hands. Be in white before 62 hands, bai Qi is bette上海千花社区


But, white when 80 hands invade sky of black chess upper part, black of 81 hands also should be the mankind’s adv unimaginably one action fine hand to. Black the Bai Qi of middle of 109 hands attack is ace, li Shishi subsequently with white 120, 122 hands are answered tenaciously, but white 128 hands are belonged to be defeated action. The 139 hands that give below black chess come 153 hands, handle in the moment of truth careful 0 error, hair of apprentice letting a person plaints.

In the match, be in next black coming when 145 hands, li Shishi is entered read a second, alphaGo still remains 20 minutes of 20 seconds at that time. Then, li Shishi is in black 151, the flower when 153 hands dropped the opportunity that read a second twice in reading a second 3 times in all, belo上海千花社区

ng to fight with one’s back to the river-fight to win or die. When Li Shishi spells 198 hands, alphaGo also is entered read a second, but right now AlphaGo already dish precede on the face 10 much eye.

Arrive black when 211 hands, li Shishi spells last blood, push Ping to admit defeat.

The manuscript is divided outside signing net of integrated Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, people, Oriental morning paper

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