” clever secret condition: Shadow of different elephant incomplete ” will roll out EA edition game already sealing in measuring

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Basis ” clever secret condition: Different resembles incomplete image ” fabricant ” unfounded cat ” the information that releases on S上海千花网龙凤论坛

team, this game is in early on April 12, 2019 open measure, and in before 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

long future still can roll out EA edition. It is official statement below: Everybody is good, I am this game ” clever secret condition: Different resembles incomplete image ” producer, acknowledgment you still are paying close attention to this game, true very feel sorry kick one’s heels OTZ. We develop group resource special deficient, core developer has 2 only, only I follow show the tree is perfectness UE4, can integrated game makes a technology, but still be situation sheet even so force is small, the resource that 3DACT needs is too much really, oneself burns 爱上海同城

belief to exceed the load of 997, partial model loses a family fortune o上海同城对对碰交友社区

utside bag, also let develop plan to achieve hard anticipate, mix in long BUG everyday the fill a vacancy that check leakage is purgatorial in, hardly time replaces a news but when be about to reach game visibility range eventually, fight bravely for years the quality of a lot of model and so on promoted new cut plan to be able to be updated in succession, in still having last BUG mad liver. EA edition will offer 2-3 hour whole technological process, dub of whole journey Japanese, completely dynamic CG, new OP/PV is put this month [Emmm does not have Chinese dub, because too expensive, and gut slants in 2上海同城对对碰交友社区

. Want to have really from the back available producer comes a full service patch] follow-up flow will update 3 months left and right sides to come flow of 8-10 hour masterstroke (basically be sequel be short of animation of cross the stage, other natural resources was finished, the speed of cross the stage that make is finite) again genuflect thanks support, the hope meets at an early date in addition, the player can pass QQ gr上海夜网

oup final unfounded of @ of small perhaps gain obtains faster information: A flock of 2 groups 566148392 567686520.