Woman student of graduate of high school of day of blockhouse of raw ingredient school uniform earns tuition by auction school uniform only

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What campus pursues commonly is elite education means, because this wants the tuition with not little pay every year, private university tuition of abroad does not poor, some students are finish school of need support fellowship, the need after nevertheless fellowship system of Japan asks the student graduates is returned still, even before because want to pay tuition,still Japanese media reports female undergraduate of a few Japan pursues custom trade is, and learn the more bully Japanese female undergraduate pursues custom trade more easily, nevertheless the business rose a dot to change it seems that now, do not want to apply for fellowship not to want to be engaged in the word of custom industry, japanese schoolgirl people OK also the tuition of gain university, that is the uniform of raw ingredient high school that auctions that on the net

Graduate 9 years in Japanese spring recently each auctions of the Japan when season can appear on the website the high school uniform that him auction of a lot of schoolgirls passes 3 years, majority is jack-tar is taken, these accompanied the jack-tar that girls spent time of 3 years of high school to take often can go up in the net by gent people fry good to price, if high school is the word that reads in female officer, crossed uniform can be fried higher price, the uniform of some female officer can arrive in net arsis the price of 500 thousand yen, and Japanese college is average a year tuition is 530 thousand yen about, can say the jack-tar that relies on him high school merely is taken, what high school schoolgirl of Japan can obtain an university one year is tuitional, of course this is the situation that compares an extreme, at present hand of unboiled water of female high school takes what pat in day all valence is 200 thousand – between 300 thousand yen, it is a year of tuition that can support an in part. And the high school that is willing to give so high price to buy girls to cross subdues buy the home to have a plenty of pure collect character, especially contention of a few famouser female officer school uniform are very intense, the meeting after some buys the home to be bought is used at the utility of be ashamed of a few be ashamed be used in night especially.

the school uniform price of female officer is higher because be compared on the school uniform market of female officer commonly,be exiguous, and jack-tar takes a few fanaticism of Japan to popular lily is heated up between lover or say female officer is hot now, it is female officer school uniform not only popular, the market of issue of examination paper of recruit students directory that joins a few female officer can sell on high price. I go a little while search of some fish search sees home have a girl to sell secondhand of high school school uniform, thinking a lot of schools is kit was bought also do not have what meaning.