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Article introduction

The milk of the puerpera between lactation is indispensable food source to dot, so the milk between lactation is deciding the health of darling to grow directly amply. Although major puerpera milk is very enough, but the purpose that also needs to have next grandmas through food. Because use the word that medicaments comes down, can cause certain harm to the quality of milk more or less, what meat products suckles helpful action to falling so?

 What flesh issues a grandma

Eat the milk below what flesh

1, crucian carp fish stews papaya

Feed capable person: Crucian carp fish 1, papaya half, red jujube 10, gourmet powder and right amount Jiang Pian, cooking wine, salt

Practice: the scale raze of crucian carp fish, go next branchial, after opening chest splanchnic also clear clean, and rip the black film inside the abdomen go cutting agglomerate account after flay of; Chinese flowering quince, clean purify of nucleus of red jujube jujube clean reserve; takes boiler to pour right amount oil, jiang Pian is put to fry its stir-fry before stewing a fragrance again after burning oil heat, put crucian carp fish into a little decoct blast next, prepare; of fishy smell purify again additionally a boiler, after joining right amount oil to burn heat, rejoin water burns his put crucian carp fish into; to put papaya, red jujube and cooking wine again then next, after be being burned, make down fire continues Bao boils 2 hours, join right amount salt and gourmet powder to flavor finally can edible.

2, soup of fish of crucian carp putting in Qi ‘s charge

Feed capable person: Crucian carp fish half jins, angelica 10g, 15g of the root of remembranous milk vetch

Practice: Clean crucian carp fish clean, and its splanchnic with scale purify; mixes the crucian carp fish that clears clean next angelica, the root of remembranous milk vetch is put into water to be boiled together together can.

 What flesh issues a grandma

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3, dried congee

Feed capable person: Dried 30 grams, rice 100 grams.

The method that make: Law of rice as usual adds water to boil congee, congee is boiled to half ripe when, join washShanghai night net

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Dried, when rice water is stiff can edible.

Effect: Congee nutrition is rich, contain a variety of nutriment such as protein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, iron, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this congee fills kidney Zhuang Yang, beneficial is perfectness breast, postpartum milk is not much person appropriate often edible.

4, hill armour stews a hen

Feed capable person: Old hen 1, pangolin 60 grams, pink of green, ginger, garlic, the five spices, refined salt right amount.

The method that make: The hen goes wool and insideLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Dirty, pangolin breaks small, fill gallinaceous stomach inside. Enter boiler, add water and flavoring, stew rot to the flesh bone can edible.

Effect: Xian Liang of pangolin sex flavour, stimulate the menstrual flow leaves breed. Li Shizhen is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in write ” pangolin, king does not stay, the woman fed breast to grow stream, yi Yan its are rapid also ” . Chicken nutrition is rich, sexual flavour Gan Wenping, fill already gas, enrich the blood again.

5, fry chrysanthemum pig waist

Feed capable person: Pig kidney (reins) 500 grams, day lily oil of 50 grams, amylaceous, ginger, green, garlic, gourmet powder, white sugar, vegetable, refined salt each are right amount.

The method that make: pig kidney one analyse is 2, get rid of goes body of muscle film gland reserves. After boiler burns heat, when putting establish to become heat, put green, ginger, garlic to enter boiler stir-fry before stewing sweet, put scalloped pork or lamb kidneys to explode again fry moment, become angry to pig waist squashy when, add day lily, salt, candy to fry moment again, add starch to tick off Gorgon euryale to push divide evenly1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, add gourmet powder to be become namely finally.

Effect: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is academic, xian Ping of flavour of pig kidney sex, advocate lumbago of the empty that treat kidney, body face oedema. Pleasant of flavour of day lily sex is smooth, can fill the grandma below empty, diuresis detumescence. Additional, day lily root also has the effect that urge breast. This medicinal food agrees with the milk that kidney empty brings about is not much.

 What flesh issues a grandma

6, the seed of cowherb stews pig hoof

Feed capable person: Pig hoof 3 ~ 4, the seed of cowherb 12 grams, flavoring a certain number of.

The method that make: Use the seed of cowherb gauze package, put into boiler together with abluent pig hoof inside, add water and flavoring to boil sodden can edible.

Effect: Gan Xianping of flavour of pig hoof sex, constant in order to treats galactic inadequacy. Add the seed of cowherb, not much to lactation milk mom has favorable curative effect.

The recipe that the grandma below what flesh treasure Mom have this piece is very practical? We must are opposite diseaseSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Expect below go making food. What to eat to fill what, come to be the most scientific health recuperate body types or forms of literature through healthy diet. I suggest everybody can learn to recuperate the body with food. Food and our daily life be closely bound up. Come to be the most healthy science recuperate the body through food so.