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Article introduction

A few people often appear easily the circumstance that choke wears, what this shows a patient is tracheal because often choke is worn had greatened, New Shanghai is expensiveForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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So we must have a thing scrupulously when having a thing, and do not talk as far as possible when having a thing, in roughhouse when do not have thing person, below exalted position, ate food to be able to eat probably tracheal, so often is choke is worn how to return a responsibility?

 Often choke is worn is how to return a responsibility

Have a meal often the reason that choke goes to

Systemic sex disease reachs the disease of all sorts of organ systems, decline like the tumour such as cancer of the stomach, chronic heart, chronically bronchitic,

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Be disgusted with cannot close completely larynx mouth, meal bead or soup water stimulation are tracheal, bring about choke to cough.

Have a meal often choke arrives how to do

Adjust deglutition pattern:

Will change alimental flow direction through different pose. Lower one’s head deglutition, can protect tracheal passageway, avoid food or liquid to flow into pharynx and larynx too quickly, let take food safer. The person of long-term lie in bed, need to shake tall the head of a bed takes food 90 degrees again.

 Often choke is worn is how to return a responsibility

Adjust the speed that take food and amount:

Small mouth deglutition, can reduce food to be measured in the remain of pharynx ministry. Each many deglutition a few, swallow clear throat, ensure deglutition is clean, avoid food or medicaments remain. If use strawForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Easy choke, can convert spoon or inclined mouth cup, control eats an amount.

Adjust alimental quality of a material:

Increase liquid thick consistency, can add water or boiling water thickener or tick off Gorgon euryale, those who change is thick a bit stiffer, reduce liquid velocity of flow, avoid to flow into respiratory tract too quickly. Do not eat too good food, avoid card to be in guttural.

 Often choke is worn is how to return a responsibility

Do deglutition exercise more:

Does falsetto practice: ?  of Ba of Lu of  of sole of Lu of Ji of Gou of  of  of  of Deng of  of accept of barium of arc of ⅰ make smooth with a raking all? of rank Gang Ji maintains barium of  of boundless and indistinct of reef Hui glue high 5 seconds, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Prop up tongue motion: ? Sneer is not sour of Su of  of  of person call on breaks grapes of  of Guo of Su of ㄉ of pool of Ч of Mei of dogwood of Yu  Lai thoroughfaring? of  of Gui of pay of   Zhong Yu second. Can increase glossal root and power of pharynx ministry sarcous, reduce food remain.